Self-taught artist

Having always had a particular attachment for the artistic subjects, I perfected myself in the field of drawing, then, later, in that of painting. Like many artists, it’s easier for me to express the beauty of things that affect me through manual techniques rather than words. I hope to find a way to share the emotions that surround me and put order in the chaos of my inspirations.

Mural art to make the little (and the big) ones dream

In 2017, a friend of mine just moved into her new house. It’s an old farmhouse, typical of the region, with thick walls, small windows and dimly lit rooms. Over coffee, my friend confides in me that she dreams of being able to offer her children a room worthy of the name, a cocoon that would allow them to make their new home their own. For years, she has been following my artistic work through the networks and has always thought that in time, she would call on my services. With her encouragement and trust, I created my first mural: a landscape of clouds in a starry sky, dotted with swallows and hot air balloons. 

Once the fresco is finished, the children discover their bedroom. They are amazed! And the surprise doesn’t stop there. Once the night falls, the mural turns into a phosphorescent night painting to accompany the children in their sleep; The insurance of a soft night. 

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to be able to contribute to the personalization of other children’s rooms, by creating murals in their image, with the always welcome complicity of the parents. 

In the linked gallery, you will be able to stroll through my projects, realized with the collaboration of the parents but especially the children, my first architects.

Various creations and collaborations

Among my works, a large part is also dedicated to artistic projects for companies, public or private institutions and individuals. 

I had the chance – only to name a few – to participate in the design, decoration and creation of frescoes in trendy restaurants in Lausanne such as «Un Po Di Piu Trattoria», «Uncle Gau & Don’t Tell Aunty», «Planet Bowl», «Le Darling», «Mexicana»… These partnerships allowed me to gain notoriety and to be entrusted with increasingly large and varied projects. Each concept is unique and aims to give the establishment a «face» and its authentic side.

Apart from this category, my private clients are not left out and also want their share of emotion! I see an influx of requests of all kinds, such as the realization of murals (portrait, animals, landscapes…), illustrations (wedding or announcements, bottle labels…), canvas paintings (or other media/technics), tattoos and so on.

The diversity; that’s what makes my activity so singular and stimulating, I would never get tired of it!


Maison & Jardin (french) – 04.03.24

Röstigraben (french) – 25.04.2015